3 Important Life Skills To Teach Your Children About Food Prep In The Kitchen

Young and inquiring youngsters are like little sponges that are ready to absorb any bit of information set before them, and eventually, they will need to learn how to cook for themselves. While cooking is definitely a task that you should reserve for children who are older, it is not just the safety hazards in the kitchen you should be mindful of. You also need to teach your children how to responsibly and respectfully handle tasks in the kitchen so things don't get damaged while they cook. Take a look at three important life skills to teach your child about food prep in the kitchen. 

Never pour liquefied fat, oils, or butter into the sink drain. 

As an adult, this is a rule that you probably know very well and you may have even taught your own self a lesson a time or two by having to have a plumber come to the house for a clogged drain. However, unless they are told, young chefs in the kitchen will likely have no idea that this kind of stuff cannot be poured down the sink drain. Teach them how to properly contain things like oils and fats and then discard them in the trash when they are cooled. 

Never put dishes in the dishwasher that have not been properly pre-cleaned. 

Loading the dishwasher is all part of the food prep process as a responsible kitchen goer, that is a fact you probably have already shared with your kids. However, before you allow a child to load the dishwasher when they do make food, make sure you teach them why they should always properly scrape the dishes free of food particles. These tiny tidbits may not seem like much and most of it will be captured by the filter at the drain, but enough can really prevent the dishwasher from doing its job. 

Never put solid, dense foods in the garbage disposal. 

The garbage disposal is the catch-all for all those scraps on plates and bits of chopped foods that are not needed during food prep. However, you have to teach your youngster that solid, dense foods do not belong here. For example, a single bone piece left on a plate can get inside the disposal's blades and throw them off by causing them to bend or break. Unfortunately, just something this simple can mean you will have to have the garbage disposal repaired. 

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