3 Places Where Mold Could Be Hiding In Your Home

Most homeowners don't think about mold if they don't see it. Unfortunately, mold can be hazardous to your health and hiding in places that you don't expect it. Once water collects in a place that is cold and dark it can become a potential mold breeding ground in your home. Don't assume your home is safe from hidden mold and check these 3 places.

Hot Water Heater Closet

Home that use an electric hot water heater sometimes have the tank stored in a closet. The hot water heater doesn't require the same type of ventilation since it doesn't use gas, so the heater remains in a closed closet until there is a problem that needs to be investigated. If a home doesn't have a basement, the hot water heater closet is often located on the first floor of the home in a central location to all the plumbing.

This closet is a potential place that could have hidden mold growth. For starters, there will be humidity in the closet from hot water pipes that come out of the tank. There also could be a leak, either through a pipe connection or a rusting tank, that is causing water to slowly leak in the closet. When combined with the location of the closet, you could be breathing in mold and not even realizing it.

Make it a habit to investigate your hot water heater closet for mold growth and eliminate it right away if seen.

The Basement

A home's basement is another area that mold can grow because of high humidity. Homes that have once had issue with water in their basement have a higher risk of mold growing in places you were unable to properly clean. It's a possibility that you have mold growing in hard to reach places like corners, behind beams, or under appliances. It helps to use a whole home or portable dehumidifier in a basement to prevent mold growth, but be extra careful when cleaning up water that seeped in from outside.

Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom is a place where you frequently get water on the floor after showering. You may even notice dark grout between the tiles. Be aware that grout is a porous material if it is not sealed, and water could be soaking through the ground and getting underneath the tiles.

Always use a mat to soak up the water when getting out of the shower and run an exhaust fan. Moisture removal is key if you want to prevent any water from getting under the tiles in your bathroom. For more information, contact companies like Vines Plumbing.