Leave It To The Pros: Jobs DIY People Should Avoid

While there are many jobs that a do-it-yourselfer can tackle around the house, there are also quite a few that should be left to the professionals. These tasks might involve delicate areas of the house that, should they not be handled correctly, might end up costing your an enormous amount of money to repair. And then there are other areas around the home that are actually a bit too dangerous to deal with because an inexperienced person might not be able to handle them and could get injured (these might include gas lines or roofs that have very steep slopes). Should you happen to be a do-it-yourselfer, then take heed of the following two projects and always make sure to hire a professional to take care of them.

Reshingle a Steeply-Pitched Roof

While it is certainly possible to reshingle a regular roof with a relatively non-steep pitch, and of course a flat roof, it's not a simple task to reshingle a really steep roof. And when complicate matters by dealing with a two-story home (which is often the case with a roof that is really steeply-pitched) you are going to be confronted with a situation where you will want to hire professionals. The prospect of climbing up onto the roof and working with shingles is not something you want to practice your skills on. It's something that you should really leave to professionals. The roofers who work on extremely pitched roofs will always use safety gear (be it ropes or nail on runners) and they also have the experience to know how to walk on such a tricky surface.

Repair a Residential Drain

If you find that water is backing up into your home, then you need to deal with that problem before it gets out of hand and damages your foundation. The problem of a backed up residential drain is something that you shouldn't play around with. If you try and use commercial drain cleaners, you really won't fix the serious clogs. And if you try and use a snake or some other more heavy duty drain cleaning apparatus, you risk damaging the pipes structures. Often times it might be something serious such as tree roots that have invaded the pipes. If this is the case, you will need to hire a professional residential drain cleaning service. They will come in and tackle the problem head-on by using techniques and tools (auger drill bits, small cameras) and assess the drain clog and fix it completely.

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