Water Pressure Tank – Is It Time For A Replacement?

So many elements are required to get water from the water well in your yard to the faucet in your kitchen. When one of those elements fail, the water stops. Here, you'll learn about the problems that the pressure tank can cause and the symptoms to determine if it has failed.

What's the pressure tank?

Typically, pressure tanks are bright blue cylinders usually found inside your home. Inside the blue metal tank is a rubber bladder. The bladder is filled with air. The air creates the pressure required to force the water out of the tank, through the water lines to each fixture in the home.

Symptoms of a Failing Pressure Tank

Pressure tanks aren't designed to last forever. When it approaches its final days, it'll give you some warning signs.

Constant Clicking Sounds – Your pressure tank clicks on and off several times throughout the day, but if you notice it when you're not running any water, there's probably a problem. The tank should only click on when water is being used somewhere in the house and clicks back off when the tank has refilled with water again.

Inconsistent Water Pressure – If the water coming from your fixtures isn't flowing at a consistent rate – a steady stream – the pressure in the tank is fluctuating. This could either mean that the tank needs to be maintained, or it could mean that the bladder is shot and needs a complete replacement.

Loss of Water – If you have no water flowing through to the fixtures, the bladder inside the tank likely ruptured. When the bladder ruptures, there is no pressure to push the water through the lines. Replacing the pressure tank is the only option at this point.

Identifying the Ruptured Bladder

Go to the tank and look at it – you should see an air valve on the top of it. It has a cap on it just like the tires on your car do. Remove the cap and press the pin in the center of the valve with a pen or screwdriver. If water comes out of the valve, the bladder has ruptured and is filled with water. That valve runs straight into the bladder, and the bladder is air-tight, so if water is coming out, you know that it's time to replace the unit.

Talk with your local plumbing contractors for more assistance in determining if the water pressure tank is in need of repair or replacement.