Water Softeners: Used, Reconditioned, And/Or Past Their Prime

Buying a used water softener sounds like a great deal. You get a high-quality appliance at a bargain basement price. Yet you may not have done enough research on this topic to know those few details that are vital to getting better than what you paid for. In fact, there are many different words applied to a used water softener. You should pay attention to these descriptive words to avoid getting an appliance that may not work for you for more than a few years. Here is what you need to know when you see "used," "reconditioned," and "refurbished," and recognize when a water softener is past its prime.


Used is a very broad, very generalized term. In regards to used water softeners, it can mean that it was used as a demo, used in a home for a few months, used for several years and recently removed and replaced by another model, etc. In short, used water softeners could have minor usage or more extended usage. You have to ask the plumber or installer exactly how old and how used this "used" water softener really is in order to get a good idea of how much life is still left in it.


Refurbished, when applied to water softeners, means that new parts have been added to make the water softeners fully functional again. They were no longer functioning when the plumbers and water-softener businesses took possession of them. The plumbers or water-softener businesses rebuilt the water softeners in the hopes of reselling them to consumers for a profit. In short, they are similar to a broken-down house that is remodeled and flipped for a profit. These water softeners may be well past the ten- to 15-year prime mark for a functional machine, so purchase one at your own discretion.


Reconditioned means that the water softener had plenty of life left in it. It just needed the proverbial "fresh coat of paint" before it could be resold. Only really minor changes have been made to ensure that the appliance is fully functional. You can easily get almost a decade out of this machine before it may need replacing. A lot can change in a decade, including ownership of the property. But as long as you live in the house during that time, your reconditioned water softener will definitely provide you with plenty of softened water.

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