Steps You Can Take To Help Your Landlord Fix Your Plumbing Problem Faster

Water and drainage problems are difficult to live with. In the best case scenario, they can greatly inconvenience you. In the worst case scenario, they are a health hazard and may make your home uninhabitable. Depending on the kind of agreement you have with your landlord, it may be their job to take care of such problems.

Unfortunately, landlords may not respond to your plumbing problem with the kind of urgency it demands. This is a major problem for you as the occupant of the house. However, there are methods you can use to hasten the process.

Notify the Landlord in Writing as Soon as Possible

Your landlord can only respond to your emergency if they're aware that it exists. Therefore, you should notify your landlord as soon as possible when you first notice the problem with your pipe or drain.

Notifying your landlord in writing isn't just a substitute to verbally alerting them of the problem. A landlord can easily claim that they weren't notified of the problem. Therefore, putting it in writing and sending it to them via certified mail ensures that you have evidence that they're aware of the problem.

Describe the Situation Accurately

It's difficult for someone to respond properly to an issue if they're unaware of the extent of the problem. If you simply state that there is a drainage problem, the landlord will be unaware of the severity of the problem. They may not know what constitutes a reasonable time within which to make the repairs.

However, if you go ahead to describe that you have a clogged toilet that is flooding all over your bathroom and making your home uninhabitable, the landlord will have a better picture of the problem, and the urgency required. Water heater installation and repair is another urgent situation for your landlord to fix. It may behoove you to get a plumber's advice on how urgent your problem is and how long it will take to fix.

Be Available

If you don't live in close proximity to the landlord, they'll need to take a trip to your house to assess the problem or when bringing in a plumber. However, if they've made the trip only to find that you're not around at that particular time, it can be problematic for all parties involved.

Let your landlord know about your availability so they'll know the best time to come or send someone to fix the problem. If the work can only be done on a weekday and you have to work, you can even opt to leave your key with a neighbor to ensure the work is done. For more information, contact a company like Rolling Bay Plumbing.