3 Signs You Should Replace Your Well Pump

Your well pump is the most important part of your plumbing system if you do not have access to a municipal water supply source since it is the sole source of access for water throughout your entire home. This means that any sort of damage or malfunction to the well pump can have a marked effect on several appliances and water fixtures throughout your home. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with a failing well pump can help you identify problems early so that you can contact a plumber before they can turn into complete system failures that leave you and your plumbing system high and dry.

1. Discolored or Strange Water

One of the most common signs that there may be something wrong with your well pump or the attached plumbing is if you notice that the water that is coming out of your taps is discolored or otherwise irregular - including smelling or tasting bad. This usually points to a clogged filter or a physical break within your pump or the nearby plumbing, allowing minerals and other substances in the soil around the pump to seep into your water supply and be passed into your house. This is a serious health concern, as drinking specific substances can be harmful to your health, so you should contact a plumbing professional straight away.

2. Air Bubbles

Another sign that there may be an issue with your well pump is if you notice that there is a constant stream of air coming out of your water fixtures. This will take the form of air spitting or sputtering, disrupting and reducing the flow of water. This can point to a well pump that is starting to burn its motor out, or can even be in regards to issues with the level of your well's water. In either case, a professional inspection is necessary to identify the next steps and necessary repairs.

3. Constant Operation or Cycling

Finally, one of the last signs that your pump is on its last legs is if you find that it is constantly operating, or is turning on and off every few minutes even when you are not using water in your home. This points to some sort of damage to your pump's sensors or motor, and the increased rate of operation can have a huge amount of wear and tear on your pump. Not fixing such an issue quickly can cause the motor to completely burn out, which will likely require the pump to be replaced entirely.

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