Seven Ways To Keep Your Commercial Water Bills Down

If you're like most commercial property owners, you're constantly seeking ways to keep operating costs at reasonable levels. Fortunately, strategies exist that can help you keep your water bill from skyrocketing. Following are seven ways that you can keep your commercial water bills down.  Have a Water Audit A basic water audit performed by a qualified professional will identify problem areas in your overall water usage. A skilled commercial plumbing contractor can then analyze the data provided by the audit and come up with ways that you can reduce the water usage in your commercial building. [Read More]

Tips For Cleaning Out Your Restaurant Grease Trap On Your Own

If you own a small restaurant and have made sure that the drainage system has been supplied with a large grease trap, then you may not have to clean the trap often. For this reason, you may want to clean out the containment area yourself instead of investing in a cleaning service. If you have not cleaned the trap yet, then look for signs that you need to soon. A drain that smells foul, one that drains slowly, and also one that bubbles as water moves through are things to watch out for. [Read More]

How to Clean a Leaky, Sputtering Showerhead

If your showerhead is leaking or sputtering, it is likely full of mineral deposits or the washer has become old and brittle. The solution is to clean the showerhead and replace the washer. Fortunately, cleaning is an easy task, and it only requires a few tools and materials. Below is how to take care of a leaky or sputtering showerhead—check it out! What You Will Need Pipe wrench or pliers Toothbrush White vinegar Brass wire brush Large bowl Pipe thread tape New rubber washer New showerhead (if you plan a replacement) Bath towel Step-by-Step Guide to Repair or Replacement [Read More]

Remodeling Your Bathroom? How To Save Money Without Cutting Corners

With so much plumbing involved, a bathroom remodel can be pricy. Every year, the majority of people who remodel their bathrooms spend around five grand more than what their remodel is worth. Before you start your project, you need to learn some strategies for your remodel. They will allow you to save money, know what you should spend money on, and mistakes others have made during their remodeling projects. Gathering as much information beforehand will allow you to get the most bang for your buck while remodeling your bathroom. [Read More]